1. bear-onica:

    friendly reminder that Susan G Komen does fuck-all for breast cancer don’t buy their pink garbage.


    (via ragnabrock)

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  2. ironcladfolly:

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been shipping Alicia Fox and Goldust pretty hard since the JBL and Cole Show

    Either way, I will happily take advantage of Foxy’s screen time to promote my own art! (Psst. Prints are for sale!)


  3. I don’t know if I’m excited for Alicia Fox to be inserted into the Divas A-Feud because I love her, or worried because it will just become a “Bitches Be Crazy!” feud 


  4. "What do you listen to, hip-hop?"

    JBL made a clever joke for once and it went completely over the heads of Michael Cole and Adam Rose

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  5. Isn’t Brie vs. Cameron and Eva Marie more of a handicap match for the latter?

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  7. Oh god is this gonna be Cryme Tyme going through Lita’s underwear drawer again?


  8. ragnabrock:

    Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble are the new season of True Detective.

    Playing themselves in the 90s, and played by Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco in the 2014 scenes.

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  9. OH MY GOD Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury are the new Patterson and Brisco!!!


  10. On the one hand, I love it when stuff that happens on Smackdown is considered canonical.

    On the other hand, it makes continuity confusing as fuck when we’re conditioned not to care about Smackdown.