1. Inspired by cheapheatpodcast's suggestion that Gold & Stardust build a Dust stable — Hacksaw Jim Duggan becomes SAWDUST


  2. In this week’s cheapheatpodcast, Rosenberg and Masked Man finally recognize my brilliance and put over my name for the Big Show/Mark Henry tag team

  3. He’s really made a name for himself.

    Looks like he’s one of them NIMBY types.

  4. dean-ambrose-facts:

    (via thefatword)

    Wine & Roses is about to get a bunch of very strange phone calls.

    "Can I at least order a dozen scum-daisies?"

  5. Sasha Banks was on NXT last night with a new theme. But it wasn’t this theme.

    Why haven’t they used this theme for her it’s a million times best.

    Props to Brandon Stroud for pointing this out.


  6. Watching Monday Night War and suddenly wondering why WWE hasn’t just run a Fake CM Punk angle.

    I mean, I’m not saying it would be good…

  7. So is Ryback dead, or…?

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  8. That game I play where I try to figure out of I lost a follower because I was talking about wrestling, feminism, or dumb jokes that are only funny to me.


  10. ironcladfolly:


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