1. I haven’t drawn burningschoolhouse in a while, and this dumb joke I made today was the perfect excuse to do so.

  2. What I see: An innovative and beautiful use of live model reference to create some of the most dynamic animation when the art was still in its infancy.

    What Wise-Asses on the internet see: “OMG Look at these assholes there just tracing Disney sux I can’t believe these corporate hacks cant even make there own art!!!”


  3. Whenever I’d have to deal with stupid and frustrating things in my last job, my old boss would tell us that sometimes she had to make decisions based on behind-the-scenes dealings we don’t know about, but rest assured, they were for the best and would have good outcomes in the long term. And they never did.

    I feel like this is exactly how WWE’s creative team operates when they write Raw’s midcard.


  4. GIF Sound: Pretty much the greatest tool of the modern era.


  5. My cousin taught my mom how to use Snapchat.

    This is the worst thing ever.

  6. Homegrown talent Nattie Neidhart tries to lock in the Sharpshooter on Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendez at the same time #wwe #wweedmonton

  7. Are they seriously giving us Bray vs #Y2J at a house show?? #wwe

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  8. He’s pretty big, I guess… #BigShow #Cesaro #wwe #wweedmonton

  9. Is this real life

  10. #3MB is back, guys! …kinda… #wwe #wweedmonton